Every week we blog about the tactics, strategies and best practices for nonprofits to take full advantage of online marketing tools.

How Using a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Non-Profits Save Resources

Non-profits are the unsung heroes of society, serving the public good, the forgotten, the sick, and the suffering.  Running a successful non-profit in the new millennium takes some serious marketing chops in addition to handling all of the administrative, operational, accounting and human resources related issues of an organization.  Making a difference can make you […]

{Video} Social Media and Non Profits

With 750 million 1 billion (and growing) users, Facebook and its’ pyramid effect has the capacity to reach a limitless audience for minimal, if any, expense. When looking for cost effective ways to promote, engage and interact with your audience, many nonprofits have discovered that nothing compares to the results they see behind an active social media […]

Tips for Successful Facebook Contests for Nonprofits

In the last few years, social media has become a complete game-changer for nonprofits, in the very best way. Because of limited budgets, time constraints, and dwindling resources, nonprofits that previously relied on expensive or traditional means of self-promotion had a difficult time attracting volunteers and donors. Though, with relatively little effort, Facebook contests can […]

Increased Web Traction Using Video for Your Nonrofit

A big problem.  A simple solution.  A happy, healthier community.  Nonprofits are doing great things everyday all around the world.  The difference between the one’s you’ve heard about and the one’s you haven’t could possibly be explained with one word: Video. A video that is going to serve as an asset to a nonprofit fundraising, […]