Increased Web Traction Using Video for Your Nonrofit

A big problem.  A simple solution.  A happy, healthier community.  Nonprofits are doing great things everyday all around the world.  The difference between the one’s you’ve heard about and the one’s you haven’t could possibly be explained with one word: Video.

A video that is going to serve as an asset to a nonprofit fundraising, marketing or awareness campaign doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to produce.  A simple video that tells a story of the mission and connects with the audience is all it takes.

Across the web, let the mission and purpose of the nonprofit be the star of the video

This video from Splash, formerly known as A Child’s Right, is an excellent example of a powerful video done by a nonprofit:

Introducing: Splash from Splash on Vimeo.

They state the concern: Contaminated water supply and a school of 2,000 children located on the edge of the contamination.

The camera pans over the rubbish and dirty water as you hear laughter and voices of the school children.

The camera shows a clear glass with the murky water available for consumption.

A simple solution. Four Hours.  Clear water from the tap.

Powerful. Poignant. Engaging.

One minute and 45 seconds is all it takes to make an informative, emotional statement to the audience.

What’s your statement and is it on video?