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How Effective is Online Training?

The popularity of online learning has grown significantly over the last two decades. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began this learning style has gained even more traction. And with good reason. Online learning is very effective. With online training, you can rest assure your volunteers retain the information they’ve learned. Here’s why. 1. Reduces Distractions Online […]

Latest Trends in Volunteering

During the COVID-19 pandemic, massive evacuations of volunteers across the globe occurred. Many feared the future of volunteering. Fortunately, the internet proved to be invaluable. Innovative ways to volunteer emerged. Organizations – and the people who make them succeed – got creative and achieved their goals. Volunteerism is evolving. It will continue to do so […]

Want a Better Workplace? Encourage Employees to Volunteer

A NEW STUDY FINDS THAT CREATING A CULTURE THAT ENCOURAGES VOLUNTEERING CAN HELP EMPLOYERS BOOST EMPLOYEE MORALE, WORKPLACE ATMOSPHERE AND BRAND PERCEPTION. Volunteering helps to improve morale within a company. Organizations often do not have proper employee volunteer programs in place. Employees tend not to volunteer because they do not have time during the day. […]

Let’s Get Smart About Market Segmentation

No one wants to be a dummy, and that’s why we’re talking about market segmentation today.