How Effective is Online Training?

The popularity of online learning has grown significantly over the last two decades. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began this learning style has gained even more traction. And with good reason. Online learning is very effective. With online training, you can rest assure your volunteers retain the information they’ve learned. Here’s why. 1. Reduces Distractions Online […]

Latest Trends in Volunteering

During the COVID-19 pandemic, massive evacuations of volunteers across the globe occurred. Many feared the future of volunteering. Fortunately, the internet proved to be invaluable. Innovative ways to volunteer emerged. Organizations – and the people who make them succeed – got creative and achieved their goals. Volunteerism is evolving. It will continue to do so […]

Want a Better Workplace? Encourage Employees to Volunteer

A NEW STUDY FINDS THAT CREATING A CULTURE THAT ENCOURAGES VOLUNTEERING CAN HELP EMPLOYERS BOOST EMPLOYEE MORALE, WORKPLACE ATMOSPHERE AND BRAND PERCEPTION. Volunteering helps to improve morale within a company. Organizations often do not have proper employee volunteer programs in place. Employees tend not to volunteer because they do not have time during the day. […]

Experts in Education Marketing Interview

How Southern College Of Optometry Conquers Traditional Marketing & Reaches Disparate Audiences

Nurture Your Fussy Prospects with a Drip Campaign - Veruca Salt

Nurture Your Fussy Prospects With A Drip Campaign

I used to teach at a school that created individual curriculum for each student. I had one English student who we’ll call Janice. Janice was 10 years old and sharp as a tack. She was technically in the 5th grade, but her vocabulary and reasoning skills rivaled a lot of adults I know. She loved […]

Market segmentation is crucial for better, personalized marketing.

Let’s Get Smart About Market Segmentation

No one wants to be a dummy, and that’s why we’re talking about market segmentation today.

Why Alumni Engagement Drops

6 Reasons Alumni Participation Drops

I have a college client whose alumni participation has dropped almost 70% in the last 7 years.   Cringe-inducing. Hope that doesn’t sound familiar.   You bet we’re turning it around. But I want to share some of the reasons they were on such nose-dive. Perhaps you can identify and solve similar issues at your […]

University Fundraising: 4 Tips to Upgrade Your Social Media

All fundraising organizations need to have a social media strategy if they want to get the word out about their cause. However, social media savvy isn’t just a necessity for charities and nonprofits! Universities that fundraise should also take the time to build out a smart social media strategy. Whether your school is raising money […]

3 Fundraising Ideas For Colleges and Universities Using Email

It can be a challenge for colleges and universities to do fundraising. In this day and age,  it goes way beyond than just about asking your alumni “Can you give us some money?”. Don’t know what to do for your school’s next fundraising campaign? Have no fear! Here are some fun and creative fundraising ideas […]

5 Strategies for Sending Better Emails To Alumni

The relationship between a school and its graduates is a very special one. Long after they walked across that graduation stage, students feel as though they made a great impact on the school. Once the alumni have moved on with their careers it can be hard to keep in contact.  Some alumni may even feel […]