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Will Social Media Help PR Weather the Storm?

When I talk to my PR industry colleagues, there’s a fair bit of trepidation about all the economic woes. We’ve been here before. We’ve seen the bloodletting. We’ve seen corporations slash marketing budgets at the exact moment when they should be pushing more of their chips into outbound efforts.  In fact, the Harvard Business Review […]

Are Bloggers “Media?”

Are bloggers members of the “media?” That’s a tough question. The blogging trend is still fairly new (in the grand scheme), and bloggers are as often considered “snarks in bunnyslippers” as they are legitimate information sources. In a recent tweet, Paul Gillin (who has the credentials to know) made a compelling distinction: “Most bloggers know […]

Why online marketing?

I attended a Small Business Chamber function tonight and met some interesting new people.  What’s more interesting to me, though, is how few people that I come into contact with are making any kind of effort in regards to their online marketing. It’s easy to understand why a start-up would not rank their Internet marketing […]

First blog… and away we go

Well I suppose it’s time that I finally start practicing what I preach and get a blog started.  How many times I’ve belabored the point that blogging is an important part of how you position your organization online, as well as an important part of good organic SEO. So let’s talk a little bit about […]