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How Your Non-Profit Social Media Can Expand Your Influence Online [Part Two]

In our previous post, we delved into the cornerstones of building a solid online presence such as a strong, optimized website, creating a blog, and using email marketing.  In this segment, we present an overview of social media management and mobile marketing.

How Non-profits Can Expand Their Sphere of Influence Online – Part One

Creating an effective presence on the web requires strategy.   Each piece of your organization’s online persona works together like a well-oiled machine to create buzz, build a strong following, inspire volunteers, and drive donations. Pieces of the Online Puzzle Expanding your non-profit’s influence will not only take strategy, it will take some time as well.  […]

{Video} How List Building Really Can Make A Difference for A Non Profit

A very important part of Non Profit management is reaching out to current and new supporters and building awareness of your cause, purpose and efforts.  In order to reach those supporters, some strong list building has to take place. All of those key components have a much higher success rate when you’ve got a solid […]