{Video} How List Building Really Can Make A Difference for A Non Profit

A very important part of Non Profit management is reaching out to current and new supporters and building awareness of your cause, purpose and efforts.  In order to reach those supporters, some strong list building has to take place. All of those key components have a much higher success rate when you’ve got a solid “list” in place that you can direct your marketing and informational actions towards.

When working on List Building, there’s a big difference between having a list with many contacts that aren’t valuable and a list with maybe not so many contacts that might have more value.”

The secret is building a list that contains the right contacts that are actually going to listen and hear and react to what you have to say.

Shortly after their doors closed, The Palace Theater, a non profit performing arts theater in Manchester, N.H. instituted a vigorous list building strategy to utilize email marketing to rebuild their status and audience in the art community.  Their efforts were so successful it also resulted in attracting the attention of sponsors and advertisers.

We invite you to take a few minutes and watch this video that tells how the struggling theater implemented email marketing (made possible by list building efforts) through Constant Contact  to save their historic landmark and continue to bring in new and repeat customers and are continuing to thrive to this day.