{Infographic} Google for Nonprofits Grant

Acquiring advertising funds for your nonprofit organization may seem impossible. It may even feel as impossible as spreading chunky peanut butter with a sponge. Don’t let yourself feel discouraged. There may be certain avenues you haven’t checked into. We’ve discussed some of the ways Google can help your organization in the past. What else can Google […]

{Infographic} The Nonprofit Website Handbook

How does your nonprofit website hold up with your supporters and donors? Would it appeal to your current supporters while also pulling in some fresh faces? Although it can be difficult to judge the website yourself, it can be highly beneficial to step back and view your nonprofit’s site from the perspective of someone else. After […]

[Infographic] What Does Social Media Success Mean to Your Buisness?

Do you know if your getting the most from social media? This week’s infographic (via Pagemodo) breaks down the stats on what social media means really to your small business. With a reported 53% of businesses now using social media and 88% percent of brands reporting that the biggest benefit of going social is increased exposure, social media is all […]