[Infographic] What Does Social Media Success Mean to Your Buisness?

Do you know if your getting the most from social media? This week’s infographic (via Pagemodo) breaks down the stats on what social media means really to your small business.

With a reported 53% of businesses now using social media and 88% percent of brands reporting that the biggest benefit of going social is increased exposure, social media is all the rage in internet marketing. While getting the word out about your business or organization may be one of the biggest benefits of platforms like Facebook and Twitter , the biggest challenge in social media still lies in understanding your brand’s social impact and measuring ROI.

As the infographic shows, social media can make a huge impact on your web traffic. Dell Computers found that they received a %300 increase in traffic from Twitter and Facebook during the life of a campaign. Social media can also boost SEO as reported in a 2010 study that showed search engine rankings increased 8% following a successful social campaign. And, If bottom-line ROI concerns you the most, Dell also reported that Twitter Generated $1 million in revenue in six months and $3 million over the course of a single campaign.