{Infographic} Nonprofit Communication Trends 2013

Isn’t this time of year magical? The smell of sunscreen in the air, the comfortably warm evenings, your next door neighbor sunning in just his cowboy hat and boxer shorts… Maybe that’s just a Texas thing. Since we’re about mid-thigh deep into 2013, it’s time we have THE talk. You know, the one about goals. […]

{Infographic} The Future of Higher Education

What does the future hold for higher education? If only my DeLorean wasn’t in the shop with a busted flux capacitor. *grumbles* Before delving into the future of higher education, let’s take a bite out of the present. The recent developments within college classrooms have been ones for the digital textbooks (Totally a thing now!). A recent […]

{Infographic} 6 Ways to Compose a Unique Message for Your Nonprofit

Have you caught the newest Old Spice commercial yet? You probably have, considering Old Spice has an uncanny way of producing ads that easily transition into viral videos. So the question is: how do they do it? Think about their product. It’s soap. Soap is not an exciting or new topic. Plus tons of other […]

{Infographic} How Much Do Nonprofits Invest in Social Media?

Social media is a deliciously hypnotic networking tool. It’s exactly what our society of go-getters desire: a clever opener, an idea, and a call to action combined in one post (preferably under 140 characters). Yet some nonprofit organizations are still on the fence about implementing social media as part of their marketing strategy. According to […]