{Infographic} The Nonprofit Website Handbook

How does your nonprofit website hold up with your supporters and donors? Would it appeal to your current supporters while also pulling in some fresh faces? Although it can be difficult to judge the website yourself, it can be highly beneficial to step back and view your nonprofit’s site from the perspective of someone else.

After all, a well-developed nonprofit website has the potential to spread your organization’s message quicker than wild fire!

Imagine you’re shopping and you stop peek into the window of a store you’ve never visited before. As you gaze through the window, you’re probably checking out what type of store this is, the products they sell and the store’s layout. Now, think of your website as the window to your nonprofit organization organization. A properly designed website provides your audience with a look into what makes your organization stand out from the rest. By determining your goals, target audience, and budget you’re on the right track to establishing an eye-catching website to help promote your cause.

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