{Infographic} Google for Nonprofits Grant

Acquiring advertising funds for your nonprofit organization may seem impossible. It may even feel as impossible as spreading chunky peanut butter with a sponge. Don’t let yourself feel discouraged. There may be certain avenues you haven’t checked into. We’ve discussed some of the ways Google can help your organization in the past. What else can Google do for you?

For instance, did you know your organization could be eligible for a nonprofit grant through Google?

That’s right! Depending on your type of organization, location, and IRS status, you could receive up to $10,000 per month for in-kind advertising within the Google AdWords search engine marketing platform. First, sign up for the Google for Nonprofits Program, then visit the Google Grants site to apply. So far Google has helped out over 6,000 organizations and you could be next!

Ready to learn more about receiving a nonprofit grant through Google? Check out the infographic below. Does the Google for Nonprofits Grant sound worthwhile to you? Leave a comment below telling us what you think!

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  1. Carolina Hernandez
    Carolina Hernandez says:

    I am Executive Director of Puentes New Orleans. We would love to apply for a google grant. Puentes New Orleans is a Latino-led and Latino-serving nonprofit community development organization. Our mission is to build assets and create access for and with Latinos of the Greater New Orleans area through civic engagement, leadership development, economic asset building, policy and advocacy. Our programs are designed to provide the Latino community with better educational and leadership opportunities; encourage their civic participation in society; increase their access to community resources; and help them build assets by becoming first‐time homebuyers and successful business owners. In addition, Puentes strives to make communities more immigrant-friendly by strengthening the values of diversity and cultural competence in Louisiana.

  2. Mary Surbeck
    Mary Surbeck says:

    I am a founding board member of the Oklahoma City Metro Literacy Coalition. Our vision is that Metropolitan Oklahoma City is a fully literate community. Our vision is to lead a collaboration of literacy providers and supporters to strengthen services and present a united voice for literacy in Metropolitan Oklahoma City. We need help getting our message to the community and advertising to communicate is paramount. Could a Google grant help a small organization like ours to get literacy messaging out beyond what we already do on our website?

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