Google+ Secrets for Non-profits

non-profit2013 is not only the year of the snake, it’s also the year of social media.Non-profit organizations have taken to utilizing social media sites for calling attention to their mission and how others can contribute to their cause. While Facebook is still # 1 on the social media spectrum, people are finding Google+ to be a powerful contender. Knowing how to best utilize Google+ can help launch your current social media strategy through the roof!

Why Google+? And What if I Like My Roof?

Google+ is specifically designed for engaging different groups of people in communication. You have the power to share your stories and make sure your organization’s achievements are the focal points of your page. With additional features such as circles, hangouts, and huddles (not to mention the influence it can have on your Google search result ranking), Google+ offers a positive addition to your social media campaign.

Although Facebook may currently have more users, a 2012 survey shows people were much happier with Google+ thanks to the site’s approach to privacy, ads, and mobile app. Statistics for Google+ usage in 2013 are already looking up with a 61% increase of unique users compared to this time last year. What a leap!

Bring It All Together

Does your nonprofit organization already have a Gmail account? Your work is almost done! All you need to do is go in and edit your profile. We’ve provided you with a few tips below to get you going and help you create a big bang in the social media world with your Google+ account.

  • Adding your nonprofit’s logo as your profile picture makes your organization easily recognizable and helps you stand out from the crowd. Make sure your picture is larger than 200×200 pixels before uploading.
  • Take time to write out a short blurb (about 10 words) under your organization’s name. This could be your mission statement or possibly just a short sentence regarding what your cause is all about.
  • Post at least 5 photos right off the bat that clearly depict your organization’s beliefs and goals. These photos will display at the top of your profile page; it’s best to use photos that elicit a powerful and emotional response.
  • Be sure to add a link to your non-profit organization’s website, along with any additional resources, on the right side of your Google+ page.
  • Have a few posts ready to go immediately after setting up your Google+ account. Adopt a voice and style that works well with the spirit and presence of your organization.
  • Use your existing fanbase to help promote your Google+ account. Ask your supporters, donors, and volunteers for help by joining and then spreading the word about your page. With the option of separating different groups into circles, you now have a more direct way of uniquely communicating with each group. Remember: your goal is to engage your followers in a way that keeps them coming back for more!

We hope these tips help bring attention to your Google+ account, and more importantly, your nonprofit organization. Need a boost to get started or don’t have the time to devote to your social media campaign? Our team can help you out! Check out our Internet Marketing page to learn more.