A Sweet Pairing: Valeo Is A Hatchbuck Partner!

What’s not to like about marketing automation? When done right, it’s the most effective way to nurture qualified leads into paying, lifelong customers. We love it, and we’re thrilled to announce we recently completed a certification course and now we’re a bonafide, certified Hatchbuck Partner.

Marketing Championship: Marketing Automation vs Direct Mail

I want to tell you a story about the time I tried a direct mail campaign for a B2B a few years ago. I’ll be honest: as a digital marketer, I was challenged. In fact, some days I felt like those two goofy broads Lucy and Ethel trying to keep up with all the candies […]

{Video} How Nonprofits Can Avoid Sleepy Subject Lines

Today we’re talking about email subject lines. Just think about how you use your email—which emails you decide to open and which that, in that flurry when you wake up in the morning and go through your iPhone, you tap tap tap and delete delete delete. Those messages are never read. They’re never even seen. […]

Amp Up Your Email Marketing With an Automation Platform

We’ve been talking all month about email marketing, and today I’m going to dive more specifically into something I’ve touched on in a few previous blogs this month: Email marketing vs. marketing automation. Perhaps you are wondering why you would need a marketing automation system—hopefully this will help you out. Lists are Dead Don’t waste […]