How Can Universities Use Email for Currently-Enrolled Student Engagement?

In past posts, we’ve discussed how colleges and universities can acquire new students through email marketing. Once these students arrive on campus, how can you keep them engaged and, more importantly, how can you keep them continuously enrolled? Through, email marketing universities can maximize student engagement and promote continued enrollment in a number of different ways. Fortunately, […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Email Appeals Out of the Spam Folder

The rumors are true: Online giving is at an all-time high. Studies show the amount of donations made online have progressively increased over the years, including an 11% growth in 2012. Several factors could account for the ongoing rise in online donations; however, a big one nonprofits can’t afford to dismiss is the power of […]

The 5 Nonprofit Email Marketing Rules Every Organization Should Follow

Nonprofit email marketing can be an extremely effective medium for promoting your organization when it’s done correctly. Most email marketing mistakes are an easy fix when you follow the right guidelines. When drafting you’re next email blast, make sure you follow these five essential rules for nonprofit email marketing success. 1. Don’t Ignore Mobile Users The […]

{Infographic} Email Marketing vs. Lead Nurturing

How much do you know about the balance and difference between Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing? It’s a constant battle to keep your business on the forefront of consumer’s minds.  If you hammer out the email marketing concept used by many and “blast” them too much with irrelevant correspondence just to keep your name fresh, […]