Valeo is now a Hatchbuck partner

A Sweet Pairing: Valeo Is A Hatchbuck Partner!

What’s not to like about marketing automation? When done right, it’s the most effective way to nurture qualified leads into paying, lifelong customers. We love it, and we’re thrilled to announce we recently completed a certification course and now we’re a bonafide, certified Hatchbuck Partner.

What Is Hatchbuck?

Marketing automation platforms can be incredibly complex and expensive—and cheaper options tend to be less robust in features. Now, small business are in luck: Hatchbuck is a CRM and marketing automation platform all in one. Cost-effective and chock-full of bells and whistles, Hatchbuck is an affordable alternative to some of the pricier platforms. We like it for its easy form and campaign builders, ecommerce integration, and tagging systems. Its simple A/B testing is also pretty great.

What Does Becoming A Hatchbuck Partner Mean for Valeo?

Becoming a Hatchbuck Certified Agency Partner means we’re a member of the Hatchbuck Market: we know the ins and outs of the program and are qualified to help clients build winning campaigns. Our team members have the skills and resources available to capture qualified leads and create powerful, personalized messages—and all automated, which means we all have more time to devote to more creative, innovative work.

Most Importantly: What Does This Mean for Our Clients?

As a Hatchbuck partner, we can help clients build their campaigns from start to finish, plus help refine them over time. Once clients are ready to do some of the heavy lifting on their own, we act in a supportive capacity, helping with training and providing continued guidance.


Still wondering what exactly to expect from marketing automation? Check out these features:

  • Capture Demand: Capture leads through your site and tag them in your system. This gives you insight into their needs as you create custom messaging.
  • Integrate Systems: Get all your favorite features from your favorite systems in one place. Integrate web forms, page tracking, email notifications, and ecommerce.
  • Open the Conversation: Create scalable, automated email prospecting campaigns that helps you easily qualify and nurture leads.
  • Easy Management: Use your campaigns to manage your workflows, schedule tasks and reminders, and create other automated actions.
  • Automated Measurements: Your system can score your lead independently, and will only notify you once the lead has become a qualified prospect.

See what you can get out of our new-found partner status by signing up for our Hatchbuck demo. We’ll show you all the great features of this incredible marketing machine and how we can help you take advantage of them all.


Hatchbuck Certified Partner badge.