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Exciting New Feature on Facebook

Big News in the Social Media world!! As we’ve talked about often, Facebook is rapidly becoming THE go-to tool for Social Media Marketing. Businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and bringing entirely new facets to the art of client interaction. Facebook, has finally provided something that businesses have been requesting for some time: a migration […]

Year of the Smartphone

The Year of the Smart Phone

According to the Chinese calendar, we’re in the year of the rabbit. I guess that makes sense, because things sure are hopping right along in the mobile world.

Hiring a social media strategist is a bad idea

B.L. Ochman has kept me entertained with his various articles poking fun at the proliferation of people claiming to be social media gurus. His most recent article about how the number of self-proclaimed “social media guru” titles has gone down but other, but new titles are emerging got me thinking: Hiring a [social media] strategist, […]

How to hire a web design company that gets results

This is actually pretty simple: don’t. If you want to get real results from your site, you need to be talking to someone who understands online marketing and has a proven track record of success, not just someone who wants to “build you a website.”

Proprietary vs Open-Source Content Management Solutions

I have mixed feelings about content management, and those waters are murky. It makes no sense to build a site without it, but here are some points to consider

I Didn’t Sign-Up, but You Are Emailing Me Anyway

I went to check out Angie’s list, but did not complete the signup process. A week later, they sent me a note and a coupon – a great strategy which got me back to the site.

How will mobile apps impact proximity marketing - will we get a better mobile web?

Using Mobile for Proximity Marketing

The rise of mobile technology has some neat (and somewhat frightening, in the Big Brother-sense) implications for how we can be targeted by marketing/advertising.

Use the Right Tools to Find More Candidates for Placements

I was asked to speak to NPA Worldwide, a global organization of personnel professionals, in a workshop for recruiters. Social media and recruiting go hand-in-hand, especially in today’s climate where finding the ideal candidate is the name of the game.

The Importance of Blogging to Networking and SEO

Utilizing your blog can help you network with those within the same industry, as well as increase the success of your SEO campaign.

Understanding how to market to search engines: much more than traditional SEO

If you want to be successful with your website, you MUST be successful in marketing to search engines, but beware: search engine marketing is much more than just simple “SEO” despite what some neo-experts may tell you!