Anchor Text Optimization

How will it affect your site ranking? If you have done some serious reading about your website optimization, you probably would have come across the reference to the phrase “anchor text optimization”. This article shall discuss the definition and importance of anchor text and how you can use this powerful website optimization feature to get […]

Analysis and Implications of Hilltop Algorithm

Analysis and Implications of Hilltop Algorithm

How will it affect your site ranking? In the previous article, we discussed how we believe that Google has deployed the Hilltop algo in its ‘Florida’ algo update. As usual, Google has been silent about the algo update so our analysis is based on research and experiments. Why need a new algo? While the PR […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Google Webmaster Tools

Its always been an endeavor of web site owners and marketers to gather comprehensive information about how Google views their site. Google webmaster tools provide assistance in this regard. These tools also strive to elevate a site’s visibility along with offering useful alternatives on how to take care of web site listings. To able to […]

Gametime Athletics, Valeo Design Find Entrepreneurial Spirit in Incubator

Memphis Business Journal – by Michael Sheffield Two new member companies at Emerge Memphis have learned that life is easier if you’re surrounded by entrepreneurs. Gametime Athletics, a Memphis-based shoe and athletic wear company, and Valeo Design and Internet Marketing have seen first hand the benefits of being located in the incubator. Gametime currently has […]

How To Get New Web Sites To Rank Quickly

Search Engine Land – Aaron Wall What is the difference between an unremarkable no value add thin ecommerce site, and a top ranked site? In some industries the difference is simply site age. Sites that were around a few years ago had fewer competitors, so it was easier for them to rank. As they aged […]

Top Five Tips for Blog SEO

Blogs Attract More Search Engine Traffic Your favorite thing about having a blog may soon be this – they naturally attract search engine traffic. Blogs already have optimized site architecture. Most are set up with a  clear navigation, where every page is set up to link back to the other main pages. They also have the […]

Twitter is BIG! How Big is Big?

If you printed Twitter: • It would cover 350 MILLION sheets of paper which is 37X more the number of pages used in Bills introduced to US Congress since 1955. If you printed Twitter: • The paper would weigh 3.5 MILLION pounds- the equivalent of 82 school buses loaded with 84 kids If you printed […]

Introducing: James Hutto – Master of Marketing

Everyone knows the powerful force behind gathering with a group of like minded individuals that share a common goal or interest. Everyone knows the importance of bringing visibility to yourself or your business in order to achieve success. Everyone knows there are many different ways to market. But does everyone understand those many different ways and […]

Drawbacks and Pitfalls of the Facebook Migration Tool

Facebook marketing is a new animal, and as such, there were many businesses who simply didn’t know how to get started with marketing on this social network of choice. As a result, many of you created a personal Facebook Profile for your business, instead of a Page. This is incredibly common, and now many businesses […]

Facebook Fan Pages

Big Networking and Marketing Power for Small Business

Using a personal profile as a brand is actually a violation of Facebook’s terms of service (TOS), and by doing so, you run the risk of Facebook pulling out the big stick and revoking your access. Wow, sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it? I mean, really, you’re just trying to make a buck… Not to […]