7 Inspiring and Unique Fundraising Ideas You Can Steal

Fundraising can be brutal on organizers, volunteers, and donors alike. You gotta make money, you gotta prove you were not out of your mind when you planned that Under the Sea Gala. The mermaids didn’t put you over budget. It’s crucial for fundraisers to be successful and, because of this, it is even more important […]

{Infographic} 6 Ways Nonprofits Can Increase Their Fundraising Efforts

When you hold fundraisers, are you giving plenty of advanced notice? Creating a call to action? Using your social media platforms to continuously update supporters but still not seeing results? Don’t break into a cold sweat yet! A lag in donors contributing to your cause could be due to how trustworthy your nonprofit organization comes […]

Do Nonprofits Need Both Social Media and Email Marketing? Part One

Nonprofits are resourceful by nature, many times doing more with less.  Each person actually working for a nonprofit organization can wear a multitude of hats, in related or non-related roles, depending on what is required and what resources are available.  It’s this philosophy that frequently finds nonprofits weighing their options in terms of digital outreach […]

Increased Web Traction Using Video for Your Nonrofit

A big problem.  A simple solution.  A happy, healthier community.  Nonprofits are doing great things everyday all around the world.  The difference between the one’s you’ve heard about and the one’s you haven’t could possibly be explained with one word: Video. A video that is going to serve as an asset to a nonprofit fundraising, […]