{Infographic} 6 Ways Nonprofits Can Increase Their Fundraising Efforts

When you hold fundraisers, are you giving plenty of advanced notice? Creating a call to action? Using your social media platforms to continuously update supporters but still not seeing results? Don’t break into a cold sweat yet! A lag in donors contributing to your cause could be due to how trustworthy your nonprofit organization comes across. This isn’t necessarily your fault! Sometimes you have to do what the old saying says and “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” Seeing your online network from an outsider’s perspective can make it easier to determine what changes could be made to increase how efficient and honest your organization genuinely is.

To ease the worries of your donors, use this list to ensure your website, blog, and social media pages contain accurate information that clearly demonstrates what a legitimate, well-developed organization you are running.

  1. Keep Your Reports Up to Date
  2. Chart Your Nonprofit’s Impact
  3. Focus On Outcomes Instead of Overhead Ratios
  4. Tell Your Story
  5. Connect With Your Donors
  6. Follow Up With Donors Regarding How Their Funds Are Used

By incorporating these 6 steps into your various web pages, you can create a huge difference in your future fundraising endeavors. Want to delve deeper? See the infographic below for some awesome suggestions or check out this blog post to help you further expand on these ideas. What do you think of the infographic? Leave us a comment and give us your opinion!

Many Thanks: guidestar.org via VolunteerHub on Pinterest