Do Nonprofits Need Both Social Media and Email Marketing? Part Two

nonprofitsIn our last post, we discussed the importance of a two-pronged digital marketing strategy, with an emphasis on social media.  In this entry, we will dive into the ins and outs of email marketing and why it too is vital to your nonprofits’ outreach.

Email Marketing is Personalized and Targeted

As any savvy nonprofit knows, building and maintaining a list of active supporters is worth its weight in platinum.  Email marketing is by far the most effective way to use your database of donors, advocates and champions to spread your organizations’ message, pull in donations, and garner public support.  When properly executed, email marketing campaigns can be a major catalyst for online and offline financial giving.  The genius of email marketing lies in its ability to segment out specific types of supporters within your database, to design campaigns that appeal to that particular demographic.  “One size fits all” is not smart strategy for email marketing.  The more targeted your campaigns, the more successful your outcomes will be.

Using the Right Tools

There are many email marketing software programs out there, the most well-known being Constant Contact, MailChimp, Emma, and others.  Each has its own differentiating factors, but the important thing is to choose a program that will interface with your database with ease, allowing you to track important marketing campaign results such as click-through and open rates.  Behavior is the proof of whether or not your campaigns are hitting the mark, or falling flat.  Analyzing the results by looking at the reports built in to your email marketing program will allow you to readjust your strategy for better outcomes next time.

Sharing is Caring

In your email campaigns, be sure to include visually appealing graphics, intelligently written and succinct copy, and most of all, stay positive.  Impart to your audience what they can do to make a difference, rather than just bemoan the current state of events.  Make your readers feel empowered and engaged.  Most important, include specific call(s) to action.  Let your supporters know exactly what to do with the information they are being given.  Include social sharing buttons, links to donate, and the ability to interact directly through the email received.

The Dynamic Duo of Social Media and Email Marketing

Used together, the two superheroes of digital marketing can be your secret weapons of change in making a tangible difference, regardless of your cause.  The key is to understand each medium and devise strategies for each with measurable goals in mind.  Each one works in tandem with the other, and while engagement metrics will vary, the end result will be a healthier pool of human capital, and as such, a healthier budget to meet your organizations’ needs.