{Video} Nonprofits: Blowing Your Mind One Statistic at a Time


“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
― John Holmes

Mr. Holmes is spot on. Is there even a word to describe the feeling that comes from helping someone out? We think it would be some sort of hybrid combination of charitable, delighted, and intoxicated (de-tox-able?). Whatever the word is, the dictionary’s definition for it should read “the feeling of having a glitter-coated kitten purring away in the center of your chest.”

We know you didn’t come to hear us talk about kittens (seriously, we could write post after post about kittens). Let’s talk numbers! *drumroll* In the United States:

1 in 244 people are lawyers
1 in 57 people wait tables

1 in 10 work for a nonprofit organization


Think about it… According to these stats, every time you go buy Nutella at the grocery store, return those unflattering jeans your significant other bought you, or make the journey to your mailbox, you may be within mere yards of an individual working for a nonprofit organization.


Are you the 1 in 10? If so, you are our breed of AWESOME. If not, ask yourself these questions:

Do you love working with people or animals?
Do you want to make a positive impact on the world?
Are you EXTREMELY tempted to find out what having a sparkly kitten in your chest feels like?

If these sound appealing to you, go forth and help your community. Go make a difference. Go be the 1 in 10.

Looking for more uplifting nonprofit organization stats? This super informative video has a ton of interesting deets about nonprofits. What word would you use to describe the feeling you get when you lend someone a hand? Leave a comment letting us know or telling us your thoughts on the video.


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