{Infographic} The Nonprofit Website Handbook

How does your nonprofit website hold up with your supporters and donors? Would it appeal to your current supporters while also pulling in some fresh faces? Although it can be difficult to judge the website yourself, it can be highly beneficial to step back and view your nonprofit’s site from the perspective of someone else. After […]

[Infographic] Spiff Up Your Website Content With Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets: Get your Website Content SEEN. Bringing up search results that pull your audience towards you can sometimes be a tough nut to crack.  Rich snippets are designed to summarize the content of your web pages in a way that makes it clear for users to understand what they’re looking at in search results […]

Blogging for Small Business Owners – Get on the “Diet”

Many small businesses are shifting their marketing efforts to Twitter or Facebook, but blogging for small business is crucial to getting top rankings. We understand that can be tough – which is why you need to get on a blogging “diet” and stick to it.

How to hire a web design company that gets results

This is actually pretty simple: don’t. If you want to get real results from your site, you need to be talking to someone who understands online marketing and has a proven track record of success, not just someone who wants to “build you a website.”