Managing Your Donor List with CRM

How is your nonprofit keeping track of donors and supporters? If your answer involves “scattered papers”, you may have a few…errr….organizational technicalities in need of a solid revamp. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon. Even in our internet-obsessed world, it’s difficult to accept that a harrowing 55% of nonprofits reportedly store donors names on random slips of paper!CRM

It’s time to embrace change and enter a more ‘donor-centric’ era of technology. A simple solution to maintaining (and even growing) your donor list is by investing in Customer Relations Management software or CRM.

What is CRM?

CRM helps centralize information that flows into an organization with the goal of enhancing the donor/nonprofit relationship. Certain components CRM helps keep track of include:

  • Name/Contact Info
  • Event Attendance
  • Volunteering
  • Donor and Supporter Satisfaction Levels

CRM software comes equipped with additional tools specifically meant for acquiring, engaging, and retaining donors. Accumulating new donors is made simple with a prospect research tool. Other tools are also available to help you create and launch a meaningful action plan for communicating with/securing your organization’s current donors.

More Ways Your Organization Can Benefit From CRM

CRMNow that we’ve covered how CRM can help easily maintain your donor list, let’s take a gander at this software’s other glorious features:

  • All-in-one Donor Engagement

Sure, you may have a donor’s email or mailing address on file, but what about links to their various social media accounts? Certain CRM software providers include access to social media, making it simpler to engage and nurture your nonprofit/donor relationships.

  • Simple Donation Management

CRM is especially handy for managing any donations your nonprofit receives. Easily track incoming donations/pledges, along with the various amounts donors have contributed.

  • Extensive Analytics Reporting

Provide up-to-date insights and analytics to the decision-makers of your nonprofit organization with reports generated using CRM. Use the real-time reporting feature to keep tabs on the progression of ongoing fundraisers.

The use of CRM software is becoming increasingly more popular and well-known among nonprofit organizations. Perform plenty of research prior to choosing a CRM to ensure the included features fit your needs and the needs of your organization. Have any questions? Leave us a comment below. Happy Hunting!