{Infographic} 6 Ways to Compose a Unique Message for Your Nonprofit

Have you caught the newest Old Spice commercial yet? You probably have, considering Old Spice has an uncanny way of producing ads that easily transition into viral videos. So the question is: how do they do it? Think about their product. It’s soap. Soap is not an exciting or new topic. Plus tons of other companies make soap. Yet their hilarity-filled content continually keeps customers coming back for more.

Now, how can your nonprofit organization harness Old Spices’ tactics to promote your own vital message? The infographic below highlights 6 steps to ensure your nonprofit’s message sticks. Let’s briefly touch on each, shall we?

1. Keep It Simple: Don’t beat around the bush. Say your message in the simplest terms possible while retaining your call to action.

2. Be Unexpected: Old Spice’s continued utilization of this step is what keeps them in the limelight.Try using a humorous approach or, like the example below, use the element of surprise to spin an accomplishment into sounding almost unthinkable.

3. Be Concrete: Use plenty of action-y sounding words (a.k.a. verbs) to weave a solid image for your supporters.

4. Be Credible: Give folks examples of the work you’ve completed. Include before and after photos to show the impact your nonprofit has made.

5. Be Emotional: Use positive and optimistic words or terms to elicit emotion.

6. Tell a Story: Piece together a compelling tale that’s relevant to your cause in order to entice your audience. End with a moral that promotes your message or mission.

Old Spice has found an epicly unique way to connect with their target audience and beyond. Use the infographic below to develop your own super sticky and highly memorably messages for your nonprofit organization. What do you think? Leave us a comment with your opinion or tricks you use to write effective messages.