How Can Universities Use Email for Currently-Enrolled Student Engagement?

In past posts, we’ve discussed how colleges and universities can acquire new students through email marketing. Once these students arrive on campus, how can you keep them engaged and, more importantly, how can you keep them continuously enrolled? Through, email marketing universities can maximize student engagement and promote continued enrollment in a number of different ways. Fortunately, […]

{Video} The Value of a Higher Education

During our childhood, we considered our future employment options from the get-go. Don’t believe us? Looking at your own children or thinking back to your own childhood, you probably nursed dreams of becoming a mighty wizard or a cowboy-astronaut-lizard farmer. As our children grow older, we start noticing these dreams become less fictitious and more […]

5 Reasons Colleges & Universities Need a Mobile Website

In today’s increasingly mobile-connected world, colleges and universities need mobile websites. Without one, you may be alienating a large chunk of your target audience: mobile-dependent, college-age millennials. Here are 5 reasons why colleges and universities need mobile websites. 1. You’re Getting Left Behind without One Almost 60% of universities had some form of a mobile presence in 2012. In […]

{Infographic} How Universities are Spending Your Tuition Money

Tuition (too-ish-uhn) n. : A dreaded term capable of producing shivers up even the most courageous parent’s/student’s spine; also known as the ‘Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Spoken’ In recent years, a lack of government subsidy to our higher education institutions have forced schools to compensate by upping tuition costs. Rising costs inevitably lead to the question “Where exactly is […]