{Video} The Value of a Higher Education

During our childhood, we considered our future employment options from the get-go. Don’t believe us? Looking at your own children or thinking back to your own childhood, you probably nursed dreams of becoming a mighty wizard or a cowboy-astronaut-lizard farmer.

educationAs our children grow older, we start noticing these dreams become less fictitious and more realistic. One week they want to be a veterinarian, then a kindergarten teacher the week after. The beautiful thing about watching our children find themselves is not the journey, but the ongoing drive the possess. Each new career opportunity presents a plethora of possibilities to imagine and feelings of excitement to be had.

While their career choices could fluctuate 100 times a day, one thing is certain: Our kids aren’t considering the money that goes toward obtaining their dream job. That concern is left solely to the parents. Several parents claim to start saving for the child’s college education from the time they’re born.

However, if you’re getting a late start or looking for ways to help other contribute toward financial dreams, companies like are making this possible. offers gift cards specifically meant for future college funds to help point you in the right direction financially.

Want more information? Check out the below video to see how is helping parents save for their children’s college education. What do you think? Leave us a comment below!