{Video} Room for Nonprofits

nonprofit, charityThere are some places that have an indescribably special vibe to them. Does the architecture have something to do with it? Sometimes. However, the difference really lies in the group of people within. Rodgers & Associates are a fantastic example of an exceptionally unique group whose vision is to give back to the community while setting an example for other businesses along the way.

After purchasing a 20,000 ft. building to begin working with people who have retired or are near retirement, Rick Rodgers’ realized he had a problem. They were only utilizing the dormitory section of the building while the rest sat unused. Rick’s wife came to the rescue with a simple, yet brilliant solution: allow nonprofit organizations to use this space for meetings and receptions. To spread the word about their newest venture, they even hosted an event for nonprofits to come view the available rooms and sample caterers for their events.

This proves to be a win-win situation for all involved. While helping out the community, Rodgers & Associates have also gained exposure for their business. You can hear the full story told by Rick Rodgers himself below.

Room for Nonprofits: Rodgers & Associates finds a charitable use for extra space from Central Penn Business Journal on Vimeo.