New updates to Facebook have given nonprofits new ways to highlight their organization's history.

Non-profits and Facebook

Facebook works as a prolific companion in the world of nonprofit organizations. You not only have the ability to reach supporters; you’re also placing yourself within range of supporters friends and family. One click of the “Like” button by a supporter, volunteer or donor creates potential for word of your cause to spread. A 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study indicated nonprofits had 103 Facebook fan page users (that is, people who “like” a nonprofit fan page) for every 1,000 email subscribers. The median growth rate for nonprofit fan pages was an astounding 70%. With the new Facebook page layout, you possess a greater chance of generating possible supporters or donors. Below of some key ways to achieve the most success from the new Facebook layout. Facebook

What’s New in the Facebook Timeline

Facebook’s new timeline is here to stay, and the old look of your Facebook page is gone forever. Quite a few things have changed. Supporters will have an easier time viewing your accomplishments with the new timeline listed on the side. Apps have also replaced tabs and are easier to locate. You now have the option to add a cover picture to the top of your page. Use highlights and pins to gain ample visibility. The “About” section is now under your profile picture. Since there isn’t much space for copy, you’ll want to keep your bio short and sweet.


Out with the old and in with the new! Apps have replaced tabs in the new Facebook layout. The maximum width for apps is now 810 pixels. Also, your apps are customizable. Add your own picture to promote your cause and feel free to change the order of your apps at anytime (only the first 3 will be visible on your page). When someone stumbles upon your page, they will be able to automatically view how many people have liked your organization’s page due to the number being posted in the apps section in a larger font than before. Here’s a few other brilliant apps nonprofit organizations should definitely be utilizing:

  • Involver Social Media Apps – Involver has some excellent apps. You can now link to your Twitter, Flickr, or YouTube page from Facebook. This makes your page a one-stop experience for supporters to gain access to your other social media platforms.
  • Networked Blogs – Are you blogging? Like we previously talked about, blogging is consistent and powerful way to spread your message. Now you can use Facebook to help your blog reach a larger audience.
  • Like for Gift App – Give something back to those who like your page. Whether it’s an eBook, newsletter, or a YouTube video, people love being able to do something as simple as liking a Facebook page and receiving a gift in their inbox.
  • Invite Your Friends App – Install this app on your page and watch your fanbase grow! With the single click of a button, people can let their friends know about your organization.

Static HTML Tab

The Static HTML iFrame app allows you to truly customize your visitor’s experience. You have the option to create a customized page your fans will see thanking them for their time and support. For any newcomers visiting you page, you can set up a  greeting, a message  thanking them for visiting, or post a picture of a featured gift they will receive upon liking your page. Here’s a run-down of how to create and customize your own static HTML app.

  1. First off, visit this page to add a Static HTML iFrame to your page.
  2. Navigate your way back to your page and click the Welcome Tab.
  3. You should see two blank HTML boxes; one for the public and one for fans only.
  4. Start customizing!

Lights, Camera, Advertise!

Facebook ads are paid advertisements displayed on the right-hand side of your screen. These function as an economically friendly and easy way to reach people who aren’t within your current fanbase. One of the most crowd-pleasing features of the Facebook ads are the prices. YOU have the power to choose how much you pay. Be warned: the more you pay, the larger your outreach. Find out more here and start rolling your ads out today!

Nonprofits should take advantage of the cover photo option on Facebook.Cover Photo

With the new layout comes a grand new feature: the cover photo. The cover photo is placed at the top of your new Facebook profile, and its dimensions are 851 x 315 pixels. This is a wonderful spot to place a picture that really shows what your organization is all about. Try to locate an inspiring picture that will elicit an emotional response from others.

Highlights and Pins

The Facebook highlight feature allows you to spread an important post, such as an announcement, event information, promotions, or special album debuts across both areas of your timeline. This helps you draw attention to what’s important or recent organization news. Facebook is now testing a paid option of this feature, which will guarantee your fans will see your post as it will be placed directly in their newsfeed.

A pinned post stays in the top left of your page’s timeline for seven days before returning to its original position on the timeline. This allows those who visit your page to have direct visibility of this specific post for the allotted time. It’s great for a fundraising drive or upcoming event with a deadline. This is also an awesome way to spread important information to those who visit your page.

Create Milestones

A Facebook milestone is considered to be a key moment you want to highlight on your page. You can use milestones to tell the story of your organization’s cause. Once a milestone is created, it’s expanded to widescreen (843 x 402 pixels) and visible to anyone visiting your page. Use the following quick and easy instructions to create a milestone:

  1. From the sharing tool at the top of your Page, click Offer, Event+ or Event, Milestone+
  2. Select Milestone
  3. Add a headline, location, date and details for your milestone
  4. Choose to add a photo
  5. Click Save

Focus Placed on Photos & Your Profile Pic

With the new Facebook layout, others can more easily see your photos. Images appear larger than before and almost seem more eye catching thanks to the timeline feature. Try to always add an image to your milestones or status updates. After all, studies show images on Facebook generate an average of 53% more likes than regular text posts.

If you noticed your profile picture seems a bit smaller than it was with the previous layout, you are correct. Profile pictures now must be resized to 180 x 180. Use this space to place your logo or an image that easily summarized your organization. Plus, with the new cover photo, you have plenty additional space to place an eye-catching and inspiring image.

Individuals Can Message Your Organization Directly

Use Facebook to make connections with other organizations and supporters by messaging them directly. This is extremely helpful in engaging your supporters and fostering new business relationships. However, direct messaging should not be used to solicit donations from your audience in any way, shape, or form.