{Video} One Day on Earth – 12.12.12

Every day on earth is a chance for a new story.If your day is anything like that of internet meme sensation Grumpy Cat, it’s probably filled with finding the warmest patch of sunlight on the floor, nurturing your love/hate relationship with life, and feeling humiliated by the array of goofy hats your owner adorns you with before snapping some adorable photos.

Including Grumpy Cat, many of us may view our lives as mundane and uneventful. Sure, there’s the occasional bump in the road or nerf dart to the chest, but little else to really shake things up.

We’re all guilty of looking at our living and thinking “Geez, I wish I could do something epic like Indiana Jones or get bitten by some sort of genetically mutated spider.”

Here’s the trick to remedy those feelings: Don’t think of your life as a movie. Try looking at your life as a book. No, it still won’t be as action packed as you rescuing Princess Buttercup from Prince Humperdinck or saving the world from giant body-stealing spiders but trust us; there’s a non-depressing point to all this.

Every day of your life is a blank page, ready to be filled with YOUR day. Like finishing up an eBook you’ve been pouring over, putting your co-workers stapler in Jell-O, and pretending you’re a squirrel so your dog will chase you around the yard on a sunny day.

It all comes down to this: Your book is just as important as any Superheroes. Each of us has a story to share and each piece is part of a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

So what’s your story?

The good people at One Day on Earth have been creating something amazing for the past 3 years. Founded in 2008, they launched their first international project in 2010 with the goal of creating a unique worldwide media event where thousands of participants would simultaneously film over a 24-hour period. Since their 10.10.10 project, they have moved the world with 2 other similar projects entitled 11.11.11 and 12.12.12. 2012’s video contained 30,000 contributors, 100 causes, and filming taking place in countries all around the world. Check out the 12.12.12 trailer below and keep tabs on their stunning site for info on upcoming projects.