{Video} Austin Nonprofits: The Seedling Foundation

The majority of people are guilty of it, but we just can’t stop ourselves.

No matter how hard we try.

nonprofitThe dreaded “I’ve gotta over-analyze everything to determine what tomorrow will bring” bug. Instead of living in the present, we find ourselves trying to mimic Miss Cleo and predict the future.

Is it going to be a rainy day?
Will I have a busy day at work?
Should last month’s meatloaf be tomorrow’s supper?

We don’t take the time to consider that whatever’s going to happen will happen no matter how many different ways we imagine it.

It might rain or it might be a gorgeous day. Work may leave you feeling swamped or you might play solitaire all day. The meatloaf might be supporting its own ecosystem by tomorrow night, so you might order a pizza.

Why not invest your time thinking about something that truly matters? Like the future of the world as we know it. What better place to start than by helping our children or the children of others better their academic career. Setting an example for the children of today could greatly influence the world of tomorrow for the better.

This is where nonprofit organizations like The Seedling Foundation of Austin, TX come in. People devote their time to mentoring and their money to ensuring these children have a brilliant education headed their way. Since 1998, this nonprofit organization has raised money for children of incarcerated parents to help provide them with a better academic career. In 2006, they implemented the mentor portion of their program to assist children in their studies and encourage them to try their best. We’d like to congratulate The Seedling Foundation’s mentor program on reaching a record 500 mentor matches for this year. Way to go!

Want to learn more about The Seedling Foundation? Watch the video below and visit their website to learn more. Let us know what you think about this foundation or similar organizations by leaving us a comment below.