The Nonprofit Scoop: Google Grants (Part 1)

When you think of nonprofits, which organizations leap to the forefront of your mind?
Did you think of big name organizations like The American Red Cross or St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital?
What if you’re part of an up-and-coming organization with humongous dreams and colossal goals? How are you reaching out to others and making your voice heard?

Enter the Google Grants program.

Get this: Google wants to give you $10,000 a month to advertise your nonprofit organization. Not a bad deal, eh? Let’s take a gander at what makes Google Grants a lean, mean advertising…err…tool and why YOU should be taking full advantage of this program right now.

The Deets

Google is ready to give you and your organization the tools to get noticed and they’re doing it all on their bill. If eligible (see below for eligibility requirements), you’ll be able to run keyword targeted, mission-based campaigns on a daily budget of $330.00 USD. This is the equivalent of $10,000 per month!

Keep in mind that your ads only appear on as text ads. Your nonprofit will continue receiving grants as long as the organization remains actively engaged on their Adwords account. If you do not check your nonprofit’s Adwords account for 3 months, Google reserves the right to cancel your service. Before you literally drop what you’re doing (hopefully not a kitten or small child) to jump in your car and race home to submit your application, it’s time to ask yourself the burning question:

nonprofitAm I eligible?

Is your organization based in the United States?
Do you hold a current 501(c)(3) status as determined by the Internal Revenue Service?

If you answered “Yes” to both of these questions, apply now! Once you submit your application, the approval process can take up to one month. Other terms and conditions may apply and certain organizations may not be eligible. To learn which charities or organizations can receive Google Grants, visit the Google for Nonprofits site.

Let’s say you are eligible and Google approves your grant. You might be asking “What the heck do I do now?”

BOOM. Answered.

nonprofitUse your Google Grants Adwords account to advertise your nonprofit organization like a boss!

There are a few rules you must follow during your advertising campaigns. If you neglect to follow these rules in any way, your services could be cancelled. Here’s a few guidelines to keep you on Google’s good side:

  • Choose your keywords wisely! Make sure they coincide with your organization and mission.
  • Strict commercial advertising is a no-no. If you wish to promote products or services, 100% of the sales or proceeds must support your campaign.
  • Do not link to any other web pages besides your own.
  • Keep all your ads mission-based. Here’s an example of a nice sweet smelling ad and a gigantic NO of an ad straight from the Google for Nonprofits website:

Shop and Fight AIDS
Our Red Ribbon Collection has
Unique Gifts for a Great Cause.

Not So Acceptable at All:
Unique Gifts for All
Children’s books, T-shirts & more
Shop online. Save time and money.

Remember these tips and you’ll have the power to reach millions! Stay tuned next week for Part 2 of the Google Grants series. We’ll be unleashing a torrent of Google Grants optimization tips and tricks, why branding is vital, and strategies that = success.

5 replies
  1. Vini
    Vini says:

    Are there any other companies that would offer grands to non profits though in Canada?
    prefebly in Ontario?

    • James Hutto
      James Hutto says:

      I’m sure there are, but we haven’t really looked into it since we don’t work with any clients in Canada. Let us know what you find out on that so we can share!

    • Stephanie Reynolds
      Stephanie Reynolds says:

      Hello Vini,

      A fantastic NPO resource to look into is Guidestar ( I did a preliminary search, and while I am unsure of the kinds of resources you are seeking, this may a good place to start. Also, look for professional NPO associations that may offer training and networking opportunities in your local area. Hope that helps!

      Let us know what your findings are, I am sure there’s many out there with the same question.

      Thanks for reaching out!

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