The Importance of Outbound Links for a Healthy Link Profile

Outbound Links are Good
Everyday, we come across so many websites  that have numerous websites linking in and other paid links but there are hardly any websites they are linking to. The biggest reason for this is that the webmaster of these websites are scared of either loosing the link juice or they are afraid that they might lose there traffic to their smarter and more spontaneous competitors. But the truth is that the Online market today is moving so rapidly that if you don’t keep up the pace, you will lose your market anyway. If you can’t generate quality unique content everyday, you’ll have to link to the people who do.

Outbound Links for Higher Trust Rank
Secondly the outbound links play a very vital role in deciding the trust rank of your website. If you have a major proportion of your outbound links to high profile websites like wikie, Yahoo, MSN, Discovery, NASA etc, you will have an upper edge in terms of Search Engine Rankings over your competitors linking to low profile websites. Search Engines understand that if your website is linking to educational high profile websites that you are striving to provide better user experience to the users. It’s good if you get PR5 inbound links but its also important that you learn how to use the acquired link juice to rank the target pages of your website.

How to manage Outbound Links
We suggest you to create a list of the 100 most high profile websites with high trust rank in your industry and make it a habit to link to these websites from different parts of your website on a regular basis. You may also want to dedicate a separate resource page from where you may link to your favorite websites. And, as far as your fear of losing your link juice is concerned, Google doesn’t likes page rank hoarders either. But you should also make sure that no page on your website has more than 100 links on a page and also avoid linking to industry relevant stuff on web as it dilutes your website link theme. If you have generated links from Private Investigation Free Link Exchange or real estate link exchange for your Real Estate website, you should also have outbound links on your website pointing to other high quality websites within your industry.

In pursuit of paid links and PR5 inbound links many webmasters tend to spoil the link profile of their website by hoarding the acquired link juice. Forg, in case of Real estate link exchange, you should look for link juice from quality sources and also passing it further to other quality resources like,, wikie etc. A healthy trust rank will not only ensure higher rankings but will also save you against content duplication issues.