Links from Software, Directory, MySpace: Are they Worth it?

Importance of Link Building
Getting links is not a piece of cake. To develop a ranking link profile, a website needs to consider all possible link avenues available on the web, be it link software, link directory or even links from social media websites like MySpace links. For high ranking, even the most tiniest link contributes to your link popularity. Unfortunately, in pursuit of more and more links webmasters tend to overlook the importance of quality of links they generate. The truth is that the easier a link is to acquire, the less valuable it will be for your website’s ranking and the harder it is to acquire, the more it will boost your website’s ranking.

It’s the Quality of Link that Matters
There are several links software available in the market but link building with the help of link software in nothing but risky business as modern search engines can easily trace the link pattern made by a link software and thus link software is a short term marketing strategy. As far as links from link directory is concerned, Search Engines give a varied response on links from directories. Link program reciprocal should also be carried out very carefully as too much reciprocal linking can get you banned from some Search Engines (Google for sure). You must rather look to keep your link profile as natural as possible by maintaining links from all the sources in a natural proportion. Google might see you with a raised eye brow if you have too many links coming from a single link source type in a short time span. So more back-links are not always good for a website, what matters more is  quality of those links.

Link Project Services for more Links
You should be careful if you are looking to outsource your link building program to a link project services provider ; they might hand you a payment invoice for a list of crap links generated from link software, links directory, links software etc. Such links will only spoil your link profile and weaken your domain link authority. Even links from Social Networking sites like MySpace links, Yahoo! Answers links may or may not benefit your ranking of your website. But these social media sites definitely boost the popularity and brand presence of the website and this type of linking is better then link program reciprocal. Another important aspect of a successful reciprocal program  is handling link requests that you receive from webmasters around the world. You should be discrete and must keep your eyes open for the types of links you approve as we said not all the websites are worth getting a back link from. Before link exchange, make sure you go through the site and pick up a page that’s most relevant to your website. It’s extremely important for your keyword rankings.