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{Infographic} Social Media Monitoring Tools

We all know it’s a wise use of resources to use Social Media as a way to promote and market your business and offerings and build relationships with your client base.  But how much do we all know about using Social Media Monitoring Tools to track what’s working and what’s not?

Social Media Monitoring Tools crawl blogs and social media networks looking for your brand and helps build those important relationships with your customers and potential customers.

With a wide range in price from— FREE to over $500 a month— it’s good to have an idea of what’s out there and which particular tool might best fit your needs.

Some key things to look for when considering a Social Media Monitoring tool are:

  • Price: As with many things, highest price doesn’t necessarily mean the best
  • Speed/Accuracy: Are your reports in real time or are they results from weeks ago?
  • User Friendly: If its too complicated, chances are you won’t use the program.  What good does that do you?

Let’s take a look at this great information from Kissmetrics compiled from a survey done by Oneforty

This infographic looks into who's buying social media monitoring tools, why they bought it, and how they're using it.

 If you’re looking for someone to help you navigate through the maze of social media tracking and interpreting the results, give us a call- we can help!


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  1. Joel
    Joel says:

    A fairly comprehensive infographic, with some interesting findings regarding the satisfaction levels and order of features. It is valuable to know that over half of SMM users don’t highly rate their tool of choice.

    However, the final list of tools is a bit odd, as although it features Radian6 (which is now called Marketing Cloud), the selection included is a far way from the obvious choice. Alterian SM2 was also bought by SDL nearly a year ago, so this list seems rather out of date.

    Perhaps consider Brandwatch, Syntehsio, Sysomos, NM Incite and Visible Technologies next time?



    • James Hutto
      James Hutto says:

      Good points, Joel. That infographic is a little dated, so maybe I need to get our people working on a new one that’s current for 2013Q1!

      I love you guys’ site, by the way. Great videos and information architecture, and I dig the full-bar drop-down on your nav.

      Oh yeah – and Happy New Year!

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