Social Media Is Good News for NPO’s Limited Budget

Getting the word out, building awareness and raising money can be costly ventures that add up quick.  For Non Profits, looking for economical ways to implement those actions is an ongoing challenge.  Social Media might be the answer you’re looking for.

Social Media and what it can do is Good News for NPO’s.  When used correctly and in a dedicated manner, it’s GREAT news!

In 2012, 98% of Non Profits now have a Facebook presence as part of their Marketing and Networking plan and boast a community of an average of 8,317.

Social Networking activity workers/volunteers is becoming a fast growing area of staff resources dedicated to building and maintaining a NPO’s Social Network. With 47% of Non Profits utilizing Social Networking at ZERO cost to their budget.

Using Social Media and Networking isn’t going to bring in the big bucks, but it has a powerful ROI when you break it down in to how much you get versus the cost of using it.

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