Master the Art of Link Exchange

Link Exchange for High Rankings
To understand the art of text link exchange, first we must understand  precisely what is a back link? A back link is a simple hyperlink on a website that points to the other. The number of websites hyper linking to a website are called back links. Link Exchange as the name suggests is the process of exchanging text back links within two or more websites to increase the link popularity of the websites involved. The process of Link Exchange if done right, further boosts the Page Rank and search engine ranking of a website. For eg. Travel link exchange will  improve the link popularity of the traveling website.

Types of Link Exchange
At the moment, there are three types of link exchange – Oneway link exchange, Reciprocal Link Exchange & Three way link exchange.   A Link Exchange is said to be relevant when a website links to another without getting a back link from the other in return. In case of Reciprocal Link Exchange, the two websites exchange links with each other to get mutual benefit. But one must be aware that too much of reciprocal linking can even get your website banned on Google. Three way text link exchange came into the picture when Search Engines started penalizing reciprocal linking. Three way web site link exchange offers a more natural link profile to Search Engines and hence minimizing the chances of getting banned by Google.

How to find a Website for Link Exchange
Finding a relevant web site for link exchange is not such a hard thing to do. You can simply Google ‘submit URL link exchange and you will get a list of websites that facilitate quick link request submissions. ‘Submit URL’ is indeed a faster way of performing web site link exchange but the catch here is to phrase a personalized link request in such a way that it yields you higher conversion. If you have done all things right and manage to get relevant one way text link exchange, you can expect your website rankings to shoot up.

Things to keep in Mind while Exchanging Links
There are few things that you must keep in mind if you get optimum benefit from the link exchange. Firstly you must only exchange links from industry relevant websites. If you are a traveling website, only travel  link exchange will improve your rankings for travel related keywords. Additionally, keep a check on the number of reciprocal links on your website. Needless to say, also make sure the text links include the targeted keywords in anchor text.