Importance Of Link Popularity For High Rankings

Importance of HTML Links
If you want to see your website on top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), HTML links is one thing you really can´t do without. So after the on-page optimization is over, you need to start a link building campaign to get more and more websites to provide inbound links to your website with targeted keywords as anchor text. This not only improves the link popularity of your website, but also gives a direct boost to your page rank and thus also your chances of ranking high on Search Engines for the targeted key phrases.

Hunting links is not easy
While it’s a child’s play to acquire low quality back links, it can be really difficult to acquire quality inbound links from quality sources. You can easily get low quality inbound links at link farms, rubbish directories and yellow pages. Also , there are many link building firms offering inbound links at staggering high prices, but not all are worth the price. The thumb rule to increase the link popularity of your website is that – harder it is to acquire a back link, more valuable it is in the eye of Search Engines to improve your ranking.

Directory links: Are they worth?
Inbound links from directory websites act pretty much the same way like HTML links from a website do. If the website is of high quality and has strong editorial policy, it will provide a definite boost to your rankings. If we compare all three Search Engines in terms of Internet directory  savviness, inbound links from directory websites will boost your Yahoo! rankings more then Google or MSN. This is because Yahoo! Algo’s are more directory link friendly. So if you are struggling to rank on Yahoo, you should start hunting text links on Internet directory websites.

Definition of ideal inbound links
Like we just said, not all the HTML links stand equal in the eyes of Search Engines. You should make sure that the link doesn’t have nofollow, redirect and the link page must be indexed in the Search Engines recently. Additionally, it’s extremely important to  make sure the inbound link has relevant anchor text with your targeted key phrase in it. Inbound links only improve  links popularity but it’s the relevant anchor text that improves the actual search engine ranking of your website.