Holy Grail of Internet Marketing

Why online marketing?

I attended a Small Business Chamber function tonight and met some interesting new people.  What’s more interesting to me, though, is how few people that I come into contact with are making any kind of effort in regards to their online marketing.

It’s easy to understand why a start-up would not rank their Internet marketing efforts as an absolute necessity:  budget and time constraints are typically pretty obvious reasons.  I think the other main reason that I seem to pick up again and again is that there are so many people out there who simply do not understand what it takes to market their business online, and they don’t have anyone to explain it to them.

I believe that so many of these individuals wish they could “harness the power of the internet” and turn their organization into an online marketing juggernaut that realized dreams of enormous profits and growth, but it is almost like these people put that in the same category as winning the lottery as far as the likelihood that it can happen.

Holy Grail of Internet MarketingThis is so unusual considering how tonight I spoke to two different business owners who are each in a very unique, niche industry which would offer tremendous opportunity for growth online.  Of course, that’s what I’m here to help them with but I just find it odd that in today’s web-driven world that there are still so many out there who feel that
successful online marketing is like Sasquatch or the Holy Grail.

Not true, people!  I’m here to tell you that you, yes YOU, can be successful at marketing online.

For some, that is going to require a healthy marketing budget, patience, and a lot of luck due to the incredible competition out there.  For others who are in some niche industries that have yet to really jump in and start marketing online, this can be accomplished with a relatively small budget and a modest investment of your time.  That’s one of the points that I mentioned several times over the course of the evening- that even if you don’t have the budget to implement a full-blown and comprehensive e-marketing strategy, then you can still do things on your own time to increase awareness of your product by simple and effective means such as…. BLOGGING!

I suppose, at this point, it would be wise to point out my own shortcomings in this regard, but I must reiterate something that I have been told incessantly throughout my life:  “do as I say, not as I do!”

If I could convince each of our clients to start blogging away about their business, market, or industry then that could do wonders for what we are trying to accomplish for them.  Something for you to think about!