Tweet your Business to the Top

Twitter is rapidly becoming one of the most popular avenues used by businesses to build their client base and bring awareness to their services and offerings. Twitter is not a trend, it’s a tool – A powerful tool to quickly connect and bring your marketing potential to the next level.

Here are some figures from just one year ago:

• Twitter now has 105,779,710 registered users.
• New users are signing up at the rate of 300,000 per day.
• 180 million unique visitors come to the site every month.
• 75% of Twitter traffic comes from outside (i.e. via third party applications.)
• Twitter gets a total of 3 billion requests a day via its API.
• Twitter users are, in total, tweeting an average of 55 million tweets a day.
• Twitter’s search engine receives around 600 million search queries per day.
• Of Twitter’s active users, 37 percent use their phone to tweet.
• Over half of all tweets (60 percent) come from third party applications.
• Twitter itself has grown: in the past year alone, it has grown from 25 to 175 employees.
As of September, 2011, here are some new figures:

• The microblogging service has a total of 200 million registered users
• Some 55 million users log on to Twitter from their phone or tablet every month
• now sees 400 million visitors a month, up from 250 million at the beginning of the year
• Twitter now hosts roughly a billion tweets every five days
• 230 million tweets every day
• The latest new record number of tweets per second is 8,900 – set when Hurricane Irene hit New York and Beyonce announced her pregnancy.

That last stat shows the reach and diversity of the power of twitter. Imagine what it could be doing for your business.

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