{Video} Why Nonprofits Should Invest Big in Social Media

Five years ago, social media could have been compared to a James Bond flick. You’re either into it or you’re not. Nowadays social media is more like air, meaning it’s EVERYWHERE. With billions of folks using social media, it would be crazy for nonprofit organizations to skip out on this simple and effective way to spread their message.

We think Courtney Spence, founder of Students of the World (SOW), says it best: “Causes are about building movements and movements take people. If people don’t know that you exist, how are they going to join your movement?”

Social media is the answer.

What kind of content should nonprofit organizations be posting? Everything! Post about breaking news and success stories to emotional photographs and clever animations. Get your movement started today with Media. Social Media.

Check out the video below to hear Courtney Spence’s interview with Capture Your Flag regarding how her organization started using social media and why it’s essential for other nonprofit organizations to do the same. Do you agree with Courtney’s message?