{Video} A Worthy Cause: The GoodWeave Foundation

foundationIt’s hard to imagine a life where children are robbed of happiness and their care-free spirits. Such is life for the 250,000 children forced into child labor by the carpet-weaving industries of Nepal, India, and Afghanistan. You won’t see these children playing hide and seek with their friends. You won’t find them playing make-believe or running around barefoot, feeling the cool grass beneath their feet just because they can.

The GoodWeave Foundation, established in 1995, works to rehabilitate children involved in the carpet-industry. Hamro Ghar, a non-formal education program in Kathmandu, Nepal, works to help these children by offering them essentials such as an education, food, and medicine. They also work hard to offer each child something they never had: love, support, and attention. GoodWeave is continually striving to create a child-labor-free rug industry and provide opportunities for rescued and at-risk children.

Want to learn more about Hamro Ghar and the GoodWeave Foundation?

Check out the video below or visit goodweave.org to find out more about this amazing organization.

Goodweave Foundation, Hamro Ghar from Chris McMorrow on Vimeo.