{Video} Social Fundraising Tips and Tricks

Over the summer, at Silicon Valley’s Social Media for Nonprofits conference, Fundly CEO Dave Boyce gave a great presentation with mountains of helpful information for anyone considering using social media for fundraising efforts.

The process of Social Fundraising can be a very powerful tool and bring in lots of results if it’s done right. Don't believe these 3 online social fundraising myths.

Some of the Myths and Musts of Social Fundraising include:

Myth #1: If you build it, they will come.

Myth #2: Share buttons are not all you need.

Myth #3: People aren’t nearly as excited to give you their money as you think they are.

Remember, generally you’ve got TWO SECONDS to grab interest and “talk to your audience” to get them to stay engaged.

Must #1: Get your audience emotionally involved.

Must #2: Engage with your audience.


Each of these myths and musts are discussed and explained in our full slideshow presentation. You can see it by visiting here.

Social Media is huge and your reach is limitless.  When you correctly implement a strong social media plan, your fundraising efforts can bring in results you never imagined possible.

If you’re looking for some ways to utilize these tips and tricks for your Social Fundraising, give us a call– we can get you going on the right track to bringing in the big bucks!