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{Video} Hire Our Heroes

Soldiers are our country’s strong-arm. A valiant group of men and women willing to endure rigorous training and harsh conditions to protect their family, friends, and millions of folks they’ve never even laid eyes on.

hire our heroesIn the line of duty, our soldiers are confronted with chaos daily. Thousands have faced the loss of best friends and family members. Our soldiers leave strong, but too many return suffering from PTSD or life-altering injuries.

Just as our soldiers uphold their duties, so must we. It’s our duty to step up and help these brave individuals ease back into civilian life. This includes helping veterans locate work. Studies show the unemployment rate for veterans is 10.8%. More communities can help by embracing programs like Hire Our Heroes.

The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation launched Hire Our Heroes in March of 2011. The program was created to assist veterans and military spouses with locating meaningful employment. Since the initial launch, several chambers, foundations, and businesses have joined Hire Our Heroes to host hundreds of job fairs across the US.

Thanks to Hire Our Heroes, 18,400 veterans and their spouses have obtained jobs as of December 31, 2012. How can you make a difference? Get involved! Check out the video below to learn how companies like 3M are providing significant employment opportunities for veterans. Leave a comment below telling us what you think of Hire Our Heroes!