{Video} Harrisburg Young Professionals Nonprofit Organization

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Dream big.

People dream of starting their own businesses every day. They work hard to make it happen and take necessary risks along the way. From an outsiders perspective, the whole experience can seem extremely daunting. So why do we continue to take the plunge? We do it because we believe we can offer others something unique and make a living doing something we love.

Stay Strong.

For those pursuing their dream of creating their own business, the going may get tough at some points, but you’ve got to remain strong willed and strong minded. Even if you consider everything from all angles, you’ll probably be thrown a curve ball from time to time. Don’t apply the brakes just yet though! There are fantastic groups and nonprofit organizations out there who are more than willing to help you turn your ideas into a working, thriving business.

Don’t Give Up.

Thanks to nonprofit organizations such as the Harrisburg Young Professionals, people with big dreams don’t have to move to big cities. They are continually working to complete their mission of making Harrisburg a better place to live, work, and play, while developing and retaining future leaders. Other nonprofit organizations are continually learning from the example set by the Harrisburg Young Professionals and have worked to establish similar organizations in their own cities. You can hear more about their story and the businesses they’ve helped in the video below or visit their website for further info.

Keep on believing from Central Penn Business Journal on Vimeo.