{Video} Bright Minds Scholarship Program

“College is like an unopened book with no title: you have no idea what’s in store, but you know you’re going to learn something.”

scholarshipFor a great portion of high schoolers and other individuals bent on advancing academically, college is a goal they’ve set for themselves early on. Sure, the plan sounds simple; Decide on a major, apply to schools, do the work, receive the pay-off.

Look, we’re all buds here and honesty is the best policy amongst friends. So, we’ll be frank: college is expensive. Seriously. In fact, many find the cost of tuition and books an unwelcome wrench crammed (with a vengance, I might add) into their future plans. As the gears screech to an untimely halt, the drive for a better job/future evolves from a blaring “YES” to a meek “someday…”

Here’s the thing: College will always be worth the money and effort. That’s why we want to pay homage to businesses and foundations who offer scholarships, whether complete or partial. Today we’d like to tip our hats to the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) for assisting numerous students in fulfilling their academic dreams. Each year, PG&E’s Bright Minds Scholarship program awards ten $30,000 scholarships to the brightest minds out there. That’s ten students who can work to better their lives, make school their main focus, and won’t be lying awake at night mulling over financial burdens.

Want to learn more about the Bright Minds Scholarship program? Watch the below video to hear the enlightening story of scholarship recipient, Marisa Montoya Monier.