The Top 4 Tools for Processing Online Donations

If your nonprofit organization is not already accepting donations through your website, now is the perfect time to start. According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, online donations are up nearly 14% from last year. Donors are finding online giving simpler and more convenient than traditional offline methods. Now you are faced with a choice: Which donation processing tool is right for your organization? While multiple options are available, some may not be the right choice for your nonprofit. Before scouring the internet for your ideal donation processing tool, answer the following questions:Social Media Confusion: Are you using the right online donation tool?

  • Pricing: How much of your budget could you devote to fundraising?
  • Size: Do you need a tool more suited for a large organization or a small organization?
  • Design: Would you prefer your donation form match your website (colors, logo, etc.)?
  • Donations: Based on your previous fundraisers, what size and volume donations might you expect to receive?
  • Banking Options: Would you prefer to use a merchant account or a personal bank account?

Once you have an idea what sort of tool would be better suited for your nonprofit, it’s time to do your research. To give you a jump start, we’ve composed a list of the top e-commerce options below:

Click and Pledge

Known for its simplicity and affordability, Click and Pledge is a great choice for organizations expecting only a few donations. Their donation form can be somewhat integrated to the look of your website. Plus Click and Pledge provides a 24 hour support desk to answer any of your questions. Pricing includes a monthly fee of $20, plus 3% and $0.30 of each donation.


Paypal is one of the most trusted and cheapest ways to collect donations online. Originally Paypal forced donors to create an account prior to making a donation. However, this is no longer the case – donors can simply input their credit card information. One downside to using Paypal is the lack of customization and design options. While experienced Paypal users will recognize the familiar platform, less tech-savvy donors unfamiliar with Paypal may feel uncomfortable making a donation.

Network for Good

Network for Good is an affordable option for organizations that don’t need complex customizations (outside of general branding) or their own merchant account. Their simple donation form can be seamlessly built into each organization’s website and optimized for mobile viewing. Monthly prices start at $59.95 per month plus a 3% transaction fee.


Penny Fix UpOn top of supplying an online donation form, Qgiv offers multiple features including tributes and recurring donations. Their engineers customize each form to match your website’s look and feel. A merchant account is required, but Qgiv’s team also sets this up for you. Pricing is on a month-to-month basis with a one-time $199 setup fee, with 3.95% plus $0.25 charged per transaction.

With online giving on the rise, it would be in your best interest to give your donors what they really want: a convenient way to donate through your website. If the websites listed here don’t quite match your organization’s needs or goals, don’t worry! Try exploring nonprofit forums and researching product reviews to locate the perfect ecommerce tool for your site. What donation processing tool does your nonprofit organization use? Tell us in the comments section below.

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