{Infographic} Social Media Impact By Nonprofit Issues

Social Media Impact By Nonprofit Issues

Although there can only be one Highlander, there are two major social media networks. Can you guess who? I’ll give you a hint… It’s Facebook and Twitter. Ding ding ding!

Fact: Social media networks are how millions of people stay up-to-date on current events. It makes perfect sense that nonprofit organizations are using these sites to continually spread word of their mission.

But what causes are garnering the most attention social media-wise?

To determine this, a study was completed on both Facebook and Twitter with results based on the following questions:

  • How often is the nonprofit posting?
  • What types of organizations were being talked up?
  • Who’s talking back?
  • Whose words are having the most impact?

The results are in! For Facebook, causes involving animals are more talked about than any other cause. However, the study indicates disaster relief causes have the most impact on the Twitter crowd.