{Infographic} Social Change and Nonprofits

Our planet is forever in a state of change. But how much of that change is positive? No need to consult your Magic 8 Ball on this one! Nonprofit organizations are well known for creating positive social changes worldwide. They continually provide people with the necessary resources and influence to promote favorable turning points.

Surveys show 7 out of 8 countries indicate nonprofits are one of the top two ways adults become involved in social change.

This may be due to the accessibility and long term effects nonprofit organizations have exhibited in the past as well as the present. Studies show the more people see these changes in action, the more they’ll be willing to contribute and offer their assistance in the future.

Can the infographic below teach you more about how nonprofits are helping to positively shape the world? All signs point to yes!

social change

Source: http://visual.ly/nonprofits-have-important-role-social-change