YouTube Copyright Infringement

Sharing YouTube Videos without Copyright Infringement

Have you ever found an awesome video on YouTube and thought to yourself, “Hey, I can really take this up a few notches with some awesome graphics and catchy music!”? Guess what, if you do it-without the original owner’s permission- and post it to your channel you’ve just infringed on someone else’s copyright.

Take the proper steps to ensure you don't use someone else's YouTube video incorrectly and get banned forever.All it would take is a notification from the original video owner to the powers that be at YouTube that their video is being used on someone else’s channel without permission and you risk getting shut out from YouTube all together. And if the original owner decides to take legal action you can be looking at some hefty legal fees.

Is it worth the risk? Definitely not. And besides, it’s much better to showcase your own skills and imagination and create something completely, 100% original. And the bonus is YOU are then the proud owner of your very own copyright and you’re free to do what you want with it.

Another big, big downside to jacking other people’s copy is the ramifications it creates with the search engines. Search engines, such as Google, count it against your site when they find duplicate material on the web. If you’re trying to expand your rankings, along with the other risks, you’ll also be getting held back in your quest for high search engine results.

Here are the various areas that frequently fall in the copyright infringement category:

  • Commercials
  • Television Shows
  • Movies and Movie Trailers
  • Music Videos
  • Concert Video
  • Slide Shows, Power Points, and Images

Here are the steps to take to use someone else’s video guilt and repercussion free:

  1. On YouTube, to the right hand side of the video you can click on the username of the person who created the video and it will redirect you to their personal YouTube page.
  2. On the left side of their personal page, there is a send message option. Click on that and send them a clear concise message of your intent. Let them know if you would like to make any modifications, what the video will be used for and how and where it will be distributed.
  3. Wait until you receive a response from the video owner. If they give permission- go for it. If they don’t give permission or they have conditions to use, respect their rights as original owner of the video.Make sure you’re contacting the original owner of the video, not just the person who posted it. The video may already be infringed if not posted by original owner and you can still be penalized.Or, you can create a playlist and add other people’s videos to the playlist and direct people to the video through your playlist.
  4. When creating a playlist, select the “videos” link on the main page
  5. Look through the available content and choose the video you would like to include on your playlist
  6. When you view the video, you can click the “Playlist” button at the bottom of the window and choose the playlist you would like to add it to
  7. Click the “Add” button to add to your playlist.


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  1. Lorraine
    Lorraine says:

    Hello, I have a question in regards to this. What if what you are wanting to do is simply share a link to the original video? Example: I have seen many self published books recently where the author pasted a YouTube link to an official music video, like The Rolling Stones. The author is obviously a fan of the band and not a member. But they copied the link to the official video, probably without permission. Everything that I have researched has indicated this isn’t against copyright even thought they self published a book, was making profit off of it that, and it listed such a link which could arguably made the book more popular. This seems to be a grey area. What do you think?

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